Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
July 20-23 2005


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A New Score for Independence Based on the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Joaquín Abellán, Serafín Moral

Fast Algorithms for Robust Classification with Bayesian Nets
Alessandro Antonucci, Marco Zaffalon

Comparative Ignorance and the Ellsberg Phenomenon
Horacio Arlo-Costa, Jeffrey Helzner

Comparing Methods for Joint Objective and Subjective Uncertainty Propagation with an example in a risk assessment
Cédric Baudrit, Didier Dubois

Possibilistic networks with locally weighted knowledge bases
Salem Benferhat, Salma Smaoui

Electric Company Portfolio Optimization Under Interval Stochastic Dominance Constraints
Dan Berleant, Mathieu Dancre, Jean-Philippe Argaud, Gerald Sheble

Some theoretical properties of interval-valued conditional probability assessments
Veronica Biazzo, Angelo Gilio

On eventwise aggregation of coherent lower probabilities
Andrew Bronevich

Computing Lower and Upper Expectations under Epistemic Independence
Cassio Campos, Fabio Cozman

Application of a hill-climbing algorithm to exact and approximate inference in credal networks
Andrés Cano, Manuel Gómez, Serafín Moral

Configurations of Locally Strong Coherence in the Presence of Conditional Exchangeability (the case of cardinality k <= 3)
Andrea Capotorti

Likelihood-Based Statistical Decisions
Marco Cattaneo

Answers to Two Questions of Fishburn on Subset Comparisons in Comparative Probability Orderings
Robin Christian, Arkadii Slinko

Learning from multinomial data: a nonparametric predictive alternative to the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Frank Coolen, Thomas Augustin

Evidential modeling for pose estimation
Fabio Cuzzolin, Ruggero Frezza

n-Monotone lower previsions and lower integrals
Gert De Cooman, Matthias Troffaes, Enrique Miranda

S-Independence and S-Conditional independence with respect to Upper and Lower Conditional Probabilities Assigned by Hausdorff Outer and Inner Measures
Serena Doria

Computing the Join Range of a Set of Expectations
Charles Geyer, Radu Lazar, Glen Meeden

Basing Probabilistic Logic on Gambles
Peter Gillett, Richard Scherl, Glenn Shafer

Objective Imprecise Probabilistic Information, Second Order Beliefs and Ambiguity Aversion: an Axiomatization
Raphaël Giraud

Towards a Unifying Theory of Logical and Probabilistic Reasoning
Rolf Haenni

Dynamically Consistent Updating of MaxMin EU and MaxMax EU Preferences
Eran Hanany, Peter Klibanoff

Approximate Inference in Credal Networks by Variational Mean Field Methods
Jaime Ide, Fabio Cozman

A Granular Semantics for Fuzzy Measures and its Application to Climate Change Scenarios
Jonathan Lawry, Jim Hall, Guangtao Fu

Decision Making with Imprecise and Fuzzy Probabilities - a Comparison
Sven-Hendrik Lossin

Nonmonotonic Probabilistic Logics under Variable-Strength Inheritance with Overriding: Algorithms and Implementation in nmproblog
Thomas Lukasiewicz

On Coherent Variability Measures and Conditioning
Sebastian Maass

On the Existence of Extremal Cones and Comparative Probability Orderings
Simon Marshall

Bayesianism Without Priors, Acts Without Consequences
Robert Nau

Envelope Theorems and Dilation with Convex Conditional Previsions
Renato Pelessoni, Paolo Vicig

Limits of Learning from Imperfect Observations under Prior Ignorance: the Case of the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Alberto Piatti, Marco Zaffalon, Fabio Trojani

Imprecise probability models for inference in exponential families
Erik Quaeghebeur, Gert De Cooman

Estimation of Chaotic Probabilities
Leandro Rego, Terrence Fine

No Double Counting Semantics for Conditional Independence
Prakash P. Shenoy

A Protocol for the Elicitation of Imprecise Probabilities
Alane Alves Silva, Fernando Campello de Souza

Generalized Conditioning in Neighbourhood Models
Damjan Škulj

Ordinal Subjective Foundations for Finite-domain Probability Agreement
Paul Snow

Variable Selection in Classification Trees Based on Imprecise Probabilities
Carolin Strobl

Powerful algorithms for decision making under partial prior information and general ambiguity attitudes
Lev Utkin, Thomas Augustin

Decision making under incomplete data using the imprecise Dirichlet model
Lev Utkin, Thomas Augustin

The role of coherence for the integration of different sources
Barbara Vantaggi

On an Interval-Valued Solution of the Marginal Problem
Jirina Vejnarova, Radim Jirousek, Vladislav Bína

Maximal Number of Vertices of Polytopes Defined by F-Probabilities
Anton Wallner

The Logical Concept of Probability and Statistical Inference
Kurt Weichselberger

Conservative Rules for Predictive Inference with Incomplete Data
Marco Zaffalon

Arithmetic on random variables: squeezing the envelopes with new joint distribution constraints
Jianzhong Zhang, Dan Berleant